Route Notes

By YogidamonkYogidamonk. Last updated

Object is to defeat all the red territories, if you take a red castle you get all the territories that were under control of that castle. If someone randomly attacks you reset(all the fights should be initiated by you), if the princess wants rescued ignore her.
Pick Cedric(timer starts on this) he has the most leadership which probably makes the battles easier, Your starting location can be seen by the horse, reset until you start at the left middle castle (3 income), Recent discovery: you can save frames in the catapult section by boulder->disease->boulder->boulder by shooting the disease through the first boulder hole and the enemy army ends up still being 15 on the fighting screen.

turn1: conquest->transfer all 20 soldiers from the castle into the army, conquest-> move army one territory Southeast

turn2: Buy Army(should have 20g) 1 catapult and 5 soldiers

turn 3: conquest move army back to the starting castle, conquest transfer the catapult and soldiers from the castle into the army(click on the white part in the upper left to get menu back), conquest move army south 2(adjacent to the lower left castle)

turn 4: conquest move army to sherwood forest to talk to Robin Hood(kills 5 units) then to the lower left castle, boulder->disease->boulder->boulder, first boulder and disease at around 50% power and each boulder after a little less power, when you break 3 pieces of the wall cease fire get in the fight and pick bombard and wait until you win. You can try breaking 2 or 4 if you want to test things out.

turn 5: conquest move army to Robin Hood and take the next castle (same as 1st castle)

turn 6: move army to Robin Hood and take last castle gg (movement through blue territories is free, you can get blocked here by 3 red territories=reset)