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Since Dark Cloud has been getting a bit of resurgence lately for speedrunning, I brought up the topic of possibly renaming some of the categories in the general Discord channel, namely the Town% and Town% Glitchless categories. Hikage and I had a bit of conversation on it and wanted to hear others' opinions on the matter since apparently the name "Town%" was originally just a joke placeholder name that was never changed due to inactive mods. So first, here is a poll. Should the Town% category have a name change? Today is 5/15. We'll keep the poll open until 5/22 at the time of this post to gauge opinion on this and then if people desire a name change, we can move forward in deciding a proper name.

Next, as far as the definition for this category (regardless of name change) currently is as follows:

"Complete the game as fast as possible. Timer starts once START is pressed. Timer ends at last hit of the Dark Genie.

All glitches are permitted, including Glitch Menu. However you may not use Glitch Menu to warp to any location, scene, or event."

Hikage pointed out to me that due to this wording, there is no reason that the 100 Floor Glitch should be forbidden from runs. I am not too familiar with the glitch myself, but here are TheGlitchKing's videos on the subject: and . As long as no one has any objection to allowing this in the category (whatever name it ends up becoming/staying), I can update the definition a bit to make clear that it is allowed.


In my opinion:

100 floor glitch should be forbidden
but Town% needs to be All Dungeons or All Towns imo


the main thing I would push with 100 floor being allowed in All Towns / All Dungeons would be that it doesnt really take away from the run, and only aids it in consistency, which is good for moving forward


I was always under the impression that the distinction between Any% and the Town% was that you don't just go to Credits asap and played the game "mostly" normally. So the only thing that was really disallowed was the Credits Skip/Warp but anything else was fair game. I'm fine either way really, but I have a slight leaning towards allowing the 100 Floor Glitch since it never was stated otherwise that it couldn't be. Could make for some very interesting routing possibilities.


I don't like "Town%". I'd prefer something simple like "Warpless".


This one is a little tricky to answer. I'm going to try my best to make my opinion on this clear.
If anything I'd go with "All Dungeons" rather than something that suggest you're not allowed to warp or unlock floors and that has a reason. Why would I want to forbid something as neat as being able to re-route the entire run by warping to a different place / unlocking the world map and therefore do things in a different order? The only thing we have in the current Town% that is different from glitchless is that glitched menu is allowed and we only use it to get glitched accessoires. So right now it's just the same category but in this one you hit harder. Might as well just call it NG+. So allowing warping would actually be very nice to maybe get certain characters first to improve dungeon clearing speed and getting further away from the glitchless category. Also you shouldn't forget that other than in the last dungeon, warping to the boss floor doesn't unlock the boss fight itself. You still need the key items for every boss or you're just visiting, so it's still necessary to collect town pieces in order to fight the bosses, especially if we make a rule that prevents skipping said key items. I can't see the full extend of what we can do with the glitched menu yet so my opinion might change in the future. For now though, this is it:
"All Dungeons" in which you have to beat all the dungeon bosses in an order of your choice and complete the game by defeating the last boss afterwards. Demon Shaft should be excluded from the term "All Dungeons" since it does not even exist in the japanese version of the game. Credits warp is not allowed.


So everyone wants a name change basically as well as definition change/update of some kind. I'm not sure how best we should hash this out. I like the logic of Alex with not necessarily disallowing warps. Would separate it farther from glitchless and allow for much more interesting routing than what it currently is (which is just pure rng fest mostly). And allowing 100 Floor Glitch would be part of this.


Kind of chiming in late but I think the 100 floor glitch should be allowed since it's more of a skip rather than a warp. This just unlocks floors and you have to collect a lot of the georama anyways, so it can only really be used in the latter half of Shipwreck and the Gallery. Totally didn't just wait until I got it to work for me or anything.....


So basically, most people are in favor of 100 Floor Glitch being allowed I think we can say. As for the name for this category, here's a strawpoll with everyone's suggestions for changing it: . We'll go for the same thing as last time and let this poll last until next Tuesday (6/6), then I can change the definition and name to what is chosen.