Why Did My Level 9 Speedrun Get Rejected, But WillPet's Didn't?
2 months ago
United States

So I recently did a speedrun on Level 9 of Big Scary. I based my run off of WillPet's run. Note: WillPet ended his time when he got the last pot of candy, which I also did. Anyway, I managed to get the World Record after an amazing death warp, so I submitted it... and it got REJECTED. It got rejected because I needed to go through the end door, even though WillPet didn't! (Willpet has Level 9 Record btw)

So please: "DefinetlyNotCosmo" or any other moderator, please either:

  1. Submit my run and call it good.


  1. Reject/Get rid off all Level 9 Speedruns that don't go through the door
Any/All, He/Him
2 months ago

This is unfair, I agree with Floppa on this. Accept the run or get rid of the ones that shouldn't be on there

ya I was told differnt and so I accepted his

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United States

Ok, Sorry for the complaining. I just got a bit upset about that, thanks Cosmo :))

no your good thank you for pointing it out