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Hello BGDA2 community. I am thinking about speed-running this game. I have a few questions about potential categories. I was wondering why there isn't a lvl 40 extreme mode category. I think it could potentially be a sub 1 hr run although I haven't tested it yet. I do like the rule set established in the any% extreme mode where you only do one run and then start a new file on extreme which works out to between level 21-30 depending on what character you use. I am just genuinely curious as to why there isn't a lvl 40 category that could be separate from the other categories just to see how fast this game can possibly be run. Has anybody tried this type of run and its just boring? I think it could potentially be interesting nonetheless. I would propose that you would just start an extreme file and grab your lvl 40 character and have them start the file bare without importing them. The idea of using the necro haste spell with the shadow spells such as spray, summon, and shield could make for a good beginner run as the difficulty is most likely easier. I would love to hear some feedback on what anybody thinks about that possibility? I just bought a 60 gig model ps3 with the ps2 chip in it and a copy of BGDA2 and I have a capture card on the way. Would love to start running this game as it is one of my all time favorites. I also think some various co-op categories could be cool too if there were enough players although I notice the boards for this game are pretty bare. Please let me know what you guys think I'm pretty open minded for the most part and would love to hear ideas for different types of run categories.


Hey Chuck,

the current DA discord invite is you can discuss more there as it is slightly more active.

The reason i haven't added what you are suggesting is mostly because of the lack of activity for this game. I wouldn't mind adding the category, honestly. The only hangup I have about a level 40 character on extreme mode would be the relative similarity of it versus the current extreme mode setup. A level 40 Vhaidra could blitz through everything without having to worry about weapon drops. A 40 Dorn could do the same and buy an Imperial Morning Star or two in Act I and not do much else. A 40 Ysuran could do the same with his killer spells, but would it ultimately be faster than those two?

With so many characters and several different ways to play through the game, there are dozens of possible categories I could post here, both individual and co-op. Part of my hangup on having that many categories is that I'm a Zelda 2 runner and that game has about 20 different categories, all with different rules, which I find somewhat annoying. This game would be easier to manage, but with the activity level being just me (lol) and one other person that has mentioned a run on discord but not submitted, I just haven't had the need to add more categories


Hey Dan,

Thanks for your reply. That definitely makes sense. I suppose I will try all the run categories that are posted just to figure out the difficulty and what not. What's the harm in submitting a run since I can at least get 2nd place lol! I'm just glad there is some type of community for this game as I feel it's super underrated. I haven't streamed in about 6 months but I might try streaming some runs and go from there. Again I appreciate you taking the time to reply and hopefully I can add something to the community! Good luck everybody have fun!