Latest runs

Teleportless - Random, 1.0   7m 09s
Panzer Ball
All Letters   7m 03s 000ms
Super Metroid
Any%   49m 56s
Everybody’s Golf VR
9 holes   6m 14s
Super Bunny Man
28: Solo   0m 23s 460ms
26: Solo   0m 18s 580ms
18: Solo   0m 08s 620ms
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time
Any%   1h 59m 42s
Outer Wilds
Any% - PC, Normal   12m 30s
Neighbours Back From Hell
Tv Afternoon: 100%   2m 16s
Tv Afternoon: Any%   1m 50s
The first Trick: 100%   1m 44s
The first Trick: Any%   0m 56s
Magic: The Gathering Arena
Color challenge   1h 21m 21s
FastBuilder - Straight   1m 07s 300ms
Tetris Effect
Journey   48m 07s
Way of the Nether
Any% Glitchless - PC   8m 40s 167ms
Need for Speed: Shift (PSP)
London: Sprint 1 - Backwards   0m 47s 500ms
Big Sur: Sprint 2 - Forward   1m 15s 260ms
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)
Hot Pursuit - Heavy Hitters: Individual Race   1m 11s