We need to make some changes and I would like to be added as a mod.
4 years ago
Indiana, USA

It's been 27 days since my last post regarding the changes made with no response. Iriebutler is now the only mod, I have sent him a message on one of his VOD's on twitch (the only way to contact him) asking to discuss making some changes (adding genesis and gameboy at least) as well as requesting to be a moderator. There is no reason we should not be offering other console versions and I believe that emulators should be allowed unless we can find specific reasons why they should not (some systems/emulators run much better than others compared to original hardware).

California, USA

Adding stormcrow56k as mod. Seems you are aware of the differences at least in the systems, and assuming you look into it I can have my mind changed on emu as well. I'm very reasonable, I just randomly saw all this and was like wtf