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Hello, awhile back I made an emu hack which allows you to play 1-player games coop using item sharing, mainly Zelda 1 and Zelda 3 (there is a separate program/community for Super Metroid I would like to request a a Link To The Past co-op runs category on I don't know of anyone except me running LTTP co-op but maybe that would change if there were a speedrun category 🙂

The category would be added to either the Zelda 3 extensions tab or if the existing Zelda 3 mods don't wanna deal with this we could create a Link to the Past Co-op Extensions game and I could volunteer to moderate.

The category would need to support (require) multiple players listed, like the super metroid coop category
I recommend against a blue balls column cuz idk how you'd count that (combined blue balls?)

My proposed category rules are:


- 2 players required.
- Video of all players must be included, either by linking all videos or posting a combined video.
- Same rules as vanilla any% (no major glitches, no s+q). Rules about visible FPS, visible controller mappings, and starting from reset are suspended (but RAM preparation is still banned).
- Either use snes9x-coop ( ) or snes9x-rr 1.54. Use coop mode guid f003df87-0c3b-4b3b-86c8-d0deef93e6ec. With other emulators or coop modes, the emulator and mode guid must be visible in the description or video. Additional memory manipulation is banned.
- Time begins when the first player file selects and ends once both players have entered the triforce room.


I suggest cutting the rules about FPS/inputs because these are designed to protect console hardware players from emulator users but there is currently no way to play LTTP coop on a console. I suggest cutting the rule about starting from reset because coop mode involves additional setup/connection steps and including them in the video would be very inconvenient (also none of my runs include it lol). If this category ever becomes SERIOUS some of these rules could be reinstituted but this seems like just a silly fun category.

The guid requirement is easy because starting with emu-coop 1.0.2 displaying the mode guid in the video will become automatic.

I might come back later to request additional LTTP Co-op categories (in particular 3-player once the software supports it). Also I'm talking to the Zelda 1 coop community and might come back with a similar suggestion for Zelda 1. (But maybe the only Zelda 1 coop runs anyone is doing are randomizer).

I posted about this in the moderation help thread and they told me to come here.


I'm assuming you've discussed this with the alttp community?
I remember seeing you post about this a couple of places before.
I like the idea, in terms of rules for categories and all the details for the leaderboard it wasn't really necessary to mention in a game request.
However, i'll talk with a couple of alttp people and see what was determined from them before creating it for you.


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