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The other method not mentioned is to remove Memory Card 2 from slot A after saving and replacing it with Memory Card 3 and then 4. Memory Card 1 of course is the main save. This would not require opening the disc tray at all and would seem to be the most "legitimate" function since you're using all of the game's resources.

Except the only things that aren't a resource are all the extra memory cards.


I'm pretty sure I did that on my console. Maybe I should try again and get back to you.

Edit: you are correct. In my experiments with 2P Trade, I must have just used the same memory card over and over and moved it to my main card. Since hardware manipulation is involved via opening the disc tray, which is already outlawed in other categories, I motion to remove Card Duplication as a category in its entirety.


As someone who quite enjoys the Card Duplication category, I must put up some kind of protest, while I can see that it's considered a meme by a lot of people, and understand why, I think it's quite a fun run to do. Would be more than happy to compromise and have it moved to misc, I don't know of anyone who would object to it being moved to misc (besides the people who'd rather see it removed completely of course). Ultimately if you remove it and I feel like running it, I'll run it anyway, but I don't see how it hurts anyone having it as a misc category, so if that's a decision everyone can agree on, I'm more than happy with it.


I should also add that if it is moved to misc, it should probably be renamed from Any% to Any% (Allowing Card Duplication), or something like that, this would also make the separation (if that's what we decide on) of manip from no manip somewhat easier, as manip being allowed would just be called Any%, with no manip being Any% Legacy or whatever is decided on, obviously I'm not trying to start up that discussion here, but I think regardless it would make the boards a lot cleaner, so I'm in favour of it no longer being "Any%", and in favour of it being moved to misc, but if you make me choose between it staying like it is, and being removed completely, I'd rather see it stay as is.

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I think moving it to misc would probably be the best course of action, in the blue moon that someone decides they wanna do a run of something containing it. But I also would not mind full on deletion. But then again, i do not do those kinds of runs. So, just for Grig, Misc is my vote.

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why would categories with runs be removed? Hello? Misc is fine.


I'm still going to come for that time eventually @cyberdemon so u better be ready, I already bopped u in the other Any%


I think that's reasonable. Not only would limiting card dupe-type strategies to just resetting for decks and trading them only to two memory cards as a separate category from actual card duping be completely stupid, but it'd be a waste of time for the Any% category since doing RNG manips would be a faster way to beat the game anyways. I guess based on that alone, it doesn't even matter too much if it's banned from the main Any%, I'll leave that up to everyone else, I don't really care.

But if you held a gun to my head and told me I had to vote, I'd vote for the trading functionality to be banned in the main Any%, yes.


so it seems like at this point noone really has much of an objection to CD being renamed and moved to misc so far. If anyone does have a serious objection, I'd say speak up in the next couple days (say like, by monday night America time), or we just move on with that idea, this seemingly isn't an issue a lot of people really care too much about, so I doubt this thread will see too much more activity.

I'm open to being proven wrong of course, but from what I've seen arkild and gcah were the main people against it, and arkild liked posts from me and GFC voicing a want to see it moved to misc instead of deleted, and gcah, from what I can tell you're open to the idea of the category being made misc, so I see no issue with just moving forward with that plan.

But obviously leave it for a couple days to await any further opinions against that mark


I'm just posting that I'm completely for moving it to Misc.


I see no point of removing a category so I'm also ok for Misc.


For my Taste we should remove any% in it's whole because no matter if Card duplication or pocketstation, the runner has to use Additional Hardware like multiple memory cards or said pocketstation. That this is official Hardware, I don't care.

However I can see that runners don't want their current runs to be removed so please move that category to misc where nobody will click on it for the next forty years.


Nuke the category/ruleset. Moving it to misc is fine too though.

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@GFC as far as I can tell everyone seems to be on board with moving CD to misc, I'd say it'd be a good idea to rename it to something like Any% (Trading) or something along those lines to make it clear that it's the only category in which trading between memory cards is allowed, or something along those lines, and just go ahead and move it, the leaderboards will look a lot cleaner with only one Any% category in the main lineup, which could just be renamed to "Any%" the way I see it.

I know there's still a bunch of other stuff going on rn, but having the leaderboards change in this way would probably help that discussion along the way I see it.

Feel free to chat with other mods and/or tell me why I'm wrong if that's the case, but I see no disadvantage to just moving ahead with this for now.


I agree with moving it to misc and calling it Any% (Trading), and renaming Any% NoCD to Any%. If nobody objects in 24 hours I'll go ahead and do it.


Thanks to everyone for their input. Since nobody has come forward with any objections, I'll go make the changes now. Thread closed.