Teleport Trainer

By DerKODerKO. Last updated





How to Use

To use TP Trainer,
1) Open "DerKO's TP Trainer v2.EXE" after opening YookaLaylee. A new window will pop up.
2) activate the "Initialize" by hitting star (*) key on the numpad after loading into any world/hub
3) Wait a few second for scanning to finish. "Initialize" will turn green when ready

"Set Position" allows you to store your position (XYZ coordinates) into four different slots. "TP to Position" allows you to recall those positions to teleport back to.

You can use the 7, 4, 1, 0 numpad keys to set each slot and the 9, 6, 3, (.) numpad keys to TP to each slot.
You can also use controller buttons: Left-Shoulder+D-pad set slots and Right-Shoulder+D-pad TPs to each slot.

Gif: https:/​/​gfycat.​com/​LastingLankyArgentineruddyduck



- I have mapped the controller buttons with a Xbox360 Controller, so if you have different controller they may not work??

- The slots carry over from level to level, so for example if you save slots in Tribalstack, you will probably teleport into the void if you try TP to those slots in Glitterglaze. You can also TP into the void if you render different areas of the same level.
Rule of Thumb: If you enter into a new area or world, have a safety slot to TP back to if you accidentally TP back into an unloaded area.

- Windows will sometimes identify Cheat Engine (open source software which this tool is made with as a threat to your computer. While you should be wary about what Cheat Engine is capable of, my tool can only touch memory in YookaLaylee64.exe. If you want to verify that this wont do anything reckless/malicious, I have added the .CT file AKA source code (must have Cheat Engine to open) that can show all the scripts it uses and exactly what address it touches etc.


Wish List

Things I would like to change/add in the future (but probably wont lol):
1) Camera position and player rotation to also be saved and retrieved so you don't get turned around after teleporting
2) Repawning collectibles or not making them able to be picked up so you can practice collecting things many times
3) Wrong warp to anywhere you want, while triggering a warp anytime rather than walking through a door/dying etc. This could be tricky but would be NEAT
4) Enable Tonics/Moves

I will try to accept suggestions of stuff to add given they are not too much work