Glitchless run
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Glitchless run

I relly hope that er can be a glitchless any%

But can there be a catagory for console without the wall glitch

But you can do that at any% roll-less you can not use the wallglitch because otherwise it's the same as any%

YEAH! I just want and category where you do not have to do that wall glitch (console)

Illinois, USA

Necroing for interest in Glitchless.

Varsinais-Suomi, Finland

Do a run of it first and then ask. No point in making category boards that sit empty

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Lower Saxony, Germany

Yeah, usually we go by: If theres people who run it, we might make a board for it. 1 or 2 people saying they want to doesnt fill a board :)

Illinois, USA

I'll talk to my friend about it.

Lower Saxony, Germany

Awesome! :)

Washington, USA

Will be practicing a glitch less run, once i get a good time going I would love to race 😁