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Figured I'd give an update when I make changes on the board so here we go:

- Had Yakuza 1 Original connected back to the series

Back when series mods had power over individual games (we don't anymore but looking into getting Super for Y1O), Furry created the Yakuza series and Y1O was connected because of this reason but the mod of that game disconnected the game without reason and has been MIA since. Kirkq was able to connect it back so if runs are submitted, Furry or myself are able to approve them.

- Changed boards on Y1O

Since I'm not a fan of emulators unless it's a accurate one (I know the PS2 emulators are not), I put the emulator runs in a misc category and created a console only category as the main one to submit to. Because emualtor runs were already submitted prior to these changed, Y1O can still be ran emulator but has been banned for the remainder of the series. The two Yakuza games on PSP are up in the air due to them not seeing western releases and it being a hassle to stream PSP games as it is (PS TV isn't reliable).

- Added the remainder of the mainline series (including Y6)

Although in a incomplete state, I added the remainder of the series to the site so those who were planning to run other games are able to now. Once I have more free time and on my own PC, I'll update them with the cover arts, proper wallpapers and more specific categories that isn't what's there now.

If you have any questions or concerns, I can be tweeted at @MastaToken

~ Token


Curious what to do about the HD versions of 1 & 2 on PS3 / Wii U, and whether to include them in the current Yakuza 1 and 2 games, or create an additional game for them. As I suspect some changes could have been made.

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From what I'm aware of, they are the exact same as the PS2 JP versions but a separate category should be made for them due to PS3 loading being absolutely terrible and not being able to speak for the Wii U version of the game.

~ Token