1-20 Category?
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Just wanted to bring up the idea of a 1-20 Round Game category. It might encourage more folks to run this game. Not sure if it's been discussed before, apologies if it has been.

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Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

Why not make a 1-50 category instead of 1-20 ? The levels are easy up to 50 even for beginners.

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United States

Could add both. It's not necessarily the difficulty, it's the length. There's a lot of appeal in having short categories to whet the appetite for the longer ones.

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Lower Saxony, Germany

Definetly add 20 Levels and 50 Levels as seperate Leaderboards as 99 Levels might be deterrant and too long for people to get into the speedrun.

I also would suggest adding a Time Race Leaderboard (like the one we have for NES woods).

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Hi, Round 1-20, 1-50 and Time Race Leaderboard has been added, I apologize for being late to this post.

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