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Are the pre 2.1 WR's ever going to get moved to a legacy leader board?
Version 2.1 had a skill over haul which made Handmaiden, the main character to run, significantly less efficient at running with a movement speed skill removal as well a removal of her 30% ability cool down.

on top of that, enemies across the board especialls bosses and monsters were given a big health buff. meaning it takes much more time to kill them. So the strategy of insta-nuking it with a hagebane is obsolete.

With no ways for players to roll back to an earlier version of the game it makes setting new records for old maps impossible.


Theres currently no planned direction for the board. I'm just not sure where to take it because of WoM. The addition of cataclysm, new enemies, stagger/health system, numerous career overhauls, and changed mechanics have shaken up a lot of glitchless and any% runs which are now impossible to replicate. So are any outdated runs going to be moved to a legacy board? I can't make that decision on my own. I recommend bringing the discussion to the runners discord.