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If you have suggestions for other speedruns on here let me know.


finding each spot in the plane game

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There should be more categories beside all variations of Golf. Maybe Cycling Courses and you use IGT. All I spots in Plane mode, Pickup Game time. Swordplay

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I think that an Island Flyover 100% category would be a lot of fun. You'd have to route where and how to get all of the i-Points as fast as possible, and what paths would be efficient to take in doing so. It'd be something I'd love to do a run of 😛

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I would love to see a swordplay showdown, the one where you go through the different stages. Timing starts when selecting start and ends on final hit on final person in final stage

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i would say to have only all sports as a category and have ILs for ever sport and variation. This is where we could list all of the variations of golf. We could have golf 18 holes as a category but all other golf categories up their now i think should be in the ILs. For any IL that has IGT we should use that for ILs.

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Hey guys, so i can see how coming up with other runs for this game can be hard. i have a few suggestions. considering we have all variation of golf. can we have an all stamps run. or sub categories for all stamps per sport. i feel it can make for a diverse run, and be very competitive.


I honestly think Swordplay Showdown could be a decent mode to run

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