First high score 1:47 from left of centre??
2 years ago

Hey All,

I'm asking the question, not making the claim. But has a 1:47:xx ever been done for a coin drop NOT in centre place? Had this crazy fast run earlier, recognised the pattern and chanced going left of centre, hey ho, the coin was there, and i got a 1:47:883 (i think)

Theres the video link. Its not my PB, but its the first time i've personally done this, or seen it done this fast so just wanted to share it.

Rochester, NY, USA

My first completed run in the game was on a door to the right, but it wasn't particularly fast. Due to how rarely the coin appears in the middle door, I'm far too afraid to smash any door but the middle one!

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I recognise the pattern for leff of top, not right of top though

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