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The leaderboards for individual levels have four categories, two for Any% on different difficulties, and two for 100% on different difficulties. For most levels it's pretty obvious what getting 100% means - get all kills, secrets, and treasures. However, for some levels (such as E2M8) getting 100% is impossible, and for others (such as E6M2) glitches or other tricks are necessary to work around mapping errors in order to get 100%

I was wondering what the rules surrounding these types of levels are. In E2M8, for example, it is impossible to get 100% secrets. For the 100% categories, should a runner just go for all kills and treasures, or should they also try to get the maximum amount of secrets possible even though they cannot get them all and the secrets do not count towards the total score in these levels?

I was also curious about levels such as E6M2. There are two pushwalls in that level that, when activated, will move back 3 spaces and permanently block off things necessary for 100% completion. In both DOSBox and the ECwolf sourceport, there is a glitch to work around this. DOSBox involves turning the cycles really low temporarily, so that the pushwall moves only two spaces, and ECwolf involves pausing the game at just the moment the wall moves 2 spaces, then unpausing. Should these glitches be used when going for 100%, or should the runner simply not worry about using work arounds to get past the mapping errors?


I would reckon doing glitchless and highest possible %s would be the best way forward. Sorry for the delay.

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is there any reason there is no 100% full episode runs?


A few reasons come to mind:

1) Nobody wants to. It's not considered as technically impressive to kill and find everything (which is a test of memory as much as anything else) as it is to mouserun everywhere and skip all the keys.
2) It's hard. E4M10 and the E5M2 gauntlet come to mind immediately as just straight-up brick walls for a 100% run, and how much hair are you going to lose if you miss one chalice on E6M8?
3) It's not always possible. E2M8 is literally un-100%able (I'm not certain but E6M10 might be as well, ignoring the invincible enemy issue that also affects E3M10) and port/engine issues with the 3-square pushwall bug ruin at least four more levels and slow down several more. (I'm looking at building a Windows 95/8 era machine for authentic OG DOS runs to deal with this, but... yeah.)
4) Timing. DOS Wolf3D ingame times and statistics don't account for the secret or boss levels, and timing manually is subject to the vagaries of loads.
5) Categorisation. I've 100%d E3 IADI in under 25 minutes (realtime - can be done a bit faster) before but there's no 100% category, and who wants to post a 24 minute time on a leaderboard where the record is 3 minutes?

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