How to set up GBA BIOS properly for BizHawk

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Due to recent changes in the Emulator Rulesets, it is now required to use the mGBA BIOS for Speedruns on BizHawk. This is due to accuracy & accurate timing (Source: )



Where do I acquire a GBA BIOS?

There are various ways to get a dumped BIOS.

Dumping it Yourself : If you've got a GameCube or Wii with Homebrew and a GBA to GC Link Cable, you can use this tool to dump the BIOS:
Download it from the Internet : Look around the BIOS by using your preferred search machine and download it. Avoid .exe files. You are looking either for a .zip file OR a .bin file


How do I install the GBA BIOS?

Once you have downloaded your BIOS (extract the .bin file from the .zip file), make sure you put it in the Firmware folder inside the BizHawk folder, just in case you won't lose it while cleaning up your PC. Open BizHawk -> Config -> Firewares....

Scroll down and look for the GBA item. If you have put it in the Firmware folder, BizHawk should automatically bind the BIOS onto BizHawk. It should look like this:

If this isn't the case, Right-Click on GBA -> Set Customization & select your BIOS .bin file.

You are now almost done!


The Final Step

Now you have to start Wario Land 4.

BEFORE you continue, make sure your Emulation Core is set to mGBA.
You can check so by clicking on the GBA Menu Item -> Core -> mGBA while the game is running. Avoid VBA-next at all costs because it isn't as accurate as mGBA and generally banned in the GBA Community using Emulation Cores.

Go to GBA -> Settings and click on the Sync Settings tab. You will see three items.
Set Skip BIOS to False and hit OK.

BizHawk will now tell you to perform a Core Reboot.
You can do so with Emulation -> Core Reboot.

You have now set up the GBA BIOS w/ mGBA Core.

Much fun running Wario Land 4 !

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