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I am not upset at all about my rejected run. It is a bit of a bummer that the rules were updated after my run was approved for so long but at least I am helping institute change.

As far as timing goes I have had this problem on a few other boards and I just have some general questions about how you time the runs. It doesn't really matter that much as long as all the runs are timed the same but when comparing my own runs to runs on this board things are a bit weird.

I use Avidemux to auto calculate length because I can easily set a start and end frame and it just spits out the time for me. I think the confusion comes when people are using a different software or using fuzzy math to determine the time based on the frame rate and number of frames.

Assuming the start frame is when you press A on the end command and the end frame is the first frame of the bob sled score screen (which is what the rules say) then my software tells me Toads run is a 3:32.067 which is light years away from the 3:19 that is it is listed at on this board. The run I am about to upload to replace my rejected run clocks in at 3:24.650.

My question is should I submit my run assuming that there is a 13 second difference in our timing methods like in Toad's run or should I just submit it at 3:24.650 and let you sort it out.


submit your time and i'll sort it out later.

yeah i felt really bad about having to reject runs, but i felt like each event had to be beaten in the context of what the game considered beaten. even if that is a 0.0 score.


don't feel bad at all man. I appreciate at the response. Just want to get the timing sorted out. I do not understand how Toads time was determined at all.


i think at one point i had started to do the timing after the theme music played. i may change it back to that. that's why toad's time was off.