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Many people have been asking about the rules surrounding this leaderboard. I'll address a few things so I don't have to copy and paste each time.

Also, if you have any other questions related to the leaderboard or the game in general, feel free to ask it here!

Q: Is a video required to submit a run?

A: Yes

Q: Do I need to have controller footage to submit a run?

A: Yes for the Intentional sub-category. No for the Not Intentional sub-category.

Q: I don't have a way to film a controller cam though. Why is this needed?

A: Mainly, there is a controller calibration exploit that allows the player to use the balance board in multiple ways aside from the way instructed by the game (for example: using your hands instead of feet) potentially making the game easier.
This leaderboard Intentional sub-category is strictly for the intended control method of the game with proof.

Q: I can't submit controller footage, so what do I do?

EDITED A: Due to an increased interest, a "Not Intended" sub-category has been added to the full leaderboard for people who can't submit controller footage.

Q: I don't want to show controller footage because <insert reason here>

A: Not a question, but something I've heard before. You can send me verification footage over Discord/Twitch/Twitter or you can attach another link to verification when you submit your run that can be deleted before verifying the run (don't forgot to request it though!). If you can't do this, please refer to the question above.

That's all for now!

Sept. 29, 2019 Edit: "Not Intentional" sub-category has been added!


Q: Why did my run get rejected for this game. I started the timer when start was shown, and ended when "Finished" was displayed.


A: "Timer begins at the press of "Start" for each respective difficulty [...]", not when start is displayed at the beginning of the game.


Oh. I started from a run that was from a restart, and not from the selection screen.

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