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All the Any% runs have CPU players. Is there anything permissible in Any% that isn't also permissible in the vs. CPU category as well?

The only thing I could think of would be to say you have 3 human players and play all of them yourself.


Playing all three contestants yourself (like the n64 WoF "co-op" category) seems to save time over vs cpu.

Here's my pb using that strategy:


Hey Nate. Any% would include any single player time (whether CPU is involved or note.) CPU% would include any single player time when 2 CPU's are present. Regarding, one player using 3 contestants would be an Any% run, unless more than one player is involved, in which case, I would need to make a Co-op run for the board.

Apologies for the delay on verifying your latest runs. They were done on the WOF "New Third Edition", which is a separate game from the original. My research leads me to believe this is the scenario:

Wheel of Fortune (1987) for DOS, C64, and Apple ][
Wheel of Fortune: New 2nd Edition (1988) for DOS, C64, and Apple ][
Wheel of Fortune: New 3rd Edition (1988) for DOS, C64, and Apple ][

(There's also a Junior, Golden, and Family edition)

The issue I'm having is there appears to be another 2 games called 2nd and 3rd edition.

I haven't accepted your run yet, because I haven't figured out how yet to best go about taking into account all these games and whether different game pages are warranted, or I need to figure out how to fit all the various versions of this game on a single page. Hope to get it figured out soon, and then I can get your run to the right place.

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Oh my, so many versions! Thanks for the update and digging into that.

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I started a new thread for version difference since the original question of Any% is settled.