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Event dates: May 2, 2017 until May 31, 2017

Runners and potential runners,
A couple partnered casters have offered an undisclosed amount of glyph codes for me to hand out to speedrunners. So what do you have to do?

✓ Complete 3 or more single-mission speedruns and have it approved on these leaderboards. it can be the same run, but you'll need to show improvement to qualify.
• ✓ OR Complete a single multi-mission speedrun and have it approved on these leaderboards.
• ✓ Make sure you have your Twitch profile, Twitter profile, Reddit profile, or Discord handle linked in your profile, so I can whisper it to you via Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, or Discord.

But what caster glyphs do you have?
That's for me to know and for you to not know until you qualify for a glyph. muhPlot
I'll send what choices you have when I message you.

All platforms. Keep in mind, some partners don't have glyph codes for consoles.

Can I get another glyph?
No. Limit one per runner. This is a speedrun awareness push and not a permanent thing.

But I have all these glyphs?
Sorry, these are all the glyph codes provided to me. I appreciate the effort and I hope I can get you another chance like this in the future with different glyphs.

I have approved runs already, do these count?
Nope. Only new runs played from May 2, 2017 onward will count.

I have a glyph, can I donate to this?
Yes. Donate as much or as little you want to the event. Any unused codes will be sent back to you. Send me a message on Discord or a whisper on Twitch.

Make sure you reply to this post when you qualify.

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Does MR 1-10 count as a multi level? I'll probably have a stab at it

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And will co-op runs count as a run for each person participating?

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Only if they abide by the third checkmark. I will only be sending codes via DMs on Discord, DMs on Twitter, or whispers on Twitch. And that information has to be on their profile.


Just note that the Planet missions are currently being moved to the full-game leaderboard, so just keep an eye if your planet has been moved into that leaderboard first.


A single boss counts as a single mission, all bosses is a multi mission run. Hope that helped


Hey! I've never used this site before but I'd like to participate in this! Question tho, how do I properly speedrun? I assume I have to record a video and use some sort of timer? Is there a beginners guide somewhere?

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There is a guide available under Guides, but it's kinda dated. I'll update it after the leaderboards overhaul.

1. OBS works decent for recording.
2. LiveSplit is the timer I use.
3. Make sure you review the rules for the run you wanted to do.

If you need more in depth, I can assist you this weekend. Life got busy this week for me.


Alrighty, I've got a run currently pending moderation. You can watch it on Youtube here:
It was hilarious disaster of a run. FOUR invasions, a handful of glitches, getting caught on map geometry here and there, and a real run-killing tragedy with the survival mission. Not a mistake I'll be making next time. Still a lot of fun, though!

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Do Trials (Raids) count as a multi mission speedrun?

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Got my 3 runs on the leaderboard!

Edit: It's in specific missions 100% (and archive)

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