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I have 1.81 sprint speed, BEFORE Turb's Agument, and Sprint Boost is applied.


The downside is the floatiness, and I'm pretty sure you hit the max speed the engine will allow you to go.

Reason I build Efficiency over Duration, is simply because 23~ seconds of turbulance for 19 energy as opposed to 38 for 53.


Try putting sprint mods and an Escape Velocity on nova, you'll achieve almost the same result.


I also heard about a mod that increases the aura effects... May have to track one down. Make this go even faster!


Coaction drift ( is what your looking for, its not needed for speedrunning at all. Just take nova for speedrunning solo and put escape velocity in exilus. Theres nothing faster than instantaneous travel with portals.


Friendly reminder not to be judgmental of other's builds. While Zephyr won't be able to able to achieve the same times as Nova (or any frame for that matter), runners are encouraged to speedrun for the sport outside of tournaments. If Velocikitty or any other runner chooses to follow the Nova build path, please provide the information then. Otherwise, please help critique and optimize their build for the frame they have currently chosen.

Why? These leaderboards have to stay as objective as possible to maintain the good, positive standing we are trying to achieve with it. If negativity starts spreading around these boards, we will scare off potential future runners. This is not a warning or a scolding, but an FYI since I failed to iterate this from the beginning.

Edit: It also looks better if, as a veteran, you are able to provide the information necessary to optimize any Warframe for a speedrun.


Yup, this was just posted as as suggestion for those who don't want to do Nova like me, or who can't use Volt, again like I can't. (FoV sickness from his speed boost sucks.)


If you wanna run zephyr I recommend using a Tipedo with max attack speed. That way you can quick melee downwards faster when you need too, instead of slowly falling.


Also everytime you jump you can use his 1 as a speed boost


You could just use 2... Same exact thing, if not slightly faster, and no stand up animation.


Tipedo is extremely fast for the animation. Last time we tested it zephyrs 2 was slower then Tipedo. We tested it because Zephyr was used to skip last stage of lor in the glitched wr.