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There are a bunch of these runs on YT already, but i dont see that category in Bosses.


Zopney and us the staff decided to hold off on a category for this until mid January. So, devs have time fix things up for the orbs if there are some game breaking bugs for it. You can though follow the progress

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Normally we'd have this category at least sent to Testing by now, but I wanted everyone to enjoy their holidays, so I did not press for it. Many of the staff is still on holiday, but I am actively talking with other communities to ensure that all standards and rules are correct before release. We came up to an interesting case where in-game time may be sufficiently accurate for this, but we're still actively researching.

There will also be categories for the Vox Solaris quest and the other Heists, along with the Profit Takers. So I hope you look forward to all of that. No solid date yet, but I'm aiming for between the 10th and 15th.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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