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Event dates: May 1, 2018 until July 28, 2018

With 1000 runs coming to these leaderboards fairly soon, I figured that we'd do an in-game giveaway for a large prize pool. This event starts immediately and will last until July 28th begins.

Prizes will be distributed in August.

How do I enter the giveaway?
Easy. Just reply to this thread with a speedrun dated past 30 April 2018. If you do not have a recent speedrun, there's still plenty of time to try out some of our newer categories! On July 28th, we'll roll all the prizes.

Please make sure we have a way to get in contact with you!

Do I need a certain time to qualify?
No. Just post any recent run and you'll qualify.

Can I donate to the prize pool?
Absolutely, but your prize has to be given to a moderator. Please contact a moderator to schedule a time to surrender your prizes for the pool.

Is this one mega-prize?
No. These are individual prizes and participants will be rolled for each individual one. This will allow people to have more chances to win and allow more people to win more prizes!

What's in the prize pool?
Here's the current prize pool:

• 1000 platinum from @zopney

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MR 6 Test 1m 34s 869ms 5/11/2018


Dojo Parkour 14.50 2018/05/11


Dojo Parkour 10.340s 21/05/2018 (11th place woooo)


Submitted two Venus runs tonight. 35:04 if I'm not mistaken on the last one.


Updated the OP to remove any hint for Tenno Without Borders, as the event was cancelled this year. I'll still roll the prizes on the 28th and distribute prizes in August.


..... Dojo Parkour: Solo in 0m 10s 240ms, 2018/07/15


Captain Vor: Solo in 0m 33s 466ms by Arkados - 4th place


Result from the draw: @Mekarazium