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These guidelines were initially established by Celestics, but were moved to a more relevant thread.

If you are wanting to create new categories or if you wish to challenge existing categories, please follow these guidelines to build a case for it. Afterward, contact one of the leaderboard mods or post in the forums for review.

Originally posted by Celestics
• Consistency: Future changes to the game shouldn't often obsolete runs. In this sense, most categories should be glitchless.
• Accessibility: Any player should be able to get their feet into these runs, and we should help them be able to.
• Popularity: Players should be interested in actually running these categories.
• Sensibility: Categories should just plain make sense from the standpoint of an outsider reading through their descriptions.

Note: We're usually very open to feedback. Building a case with these guidelines in mind only makes it easier for us and usually results in your suggestion being accepted quicker.


Frequently requested categories that were rejected in the past. This post will update sporadically as rejected categories come up.

Global Forbidden categories

Referenced from Category Extensions since it also applies to these leaderboards as well.

• Any category that involves a form of banning for any Warframe-related medium. This includes, but not limited to, speedrunning support desk bans, in-game account bans, region chat bans, Warframe-related Twitch channel bans, and Warframe-related Discord bans.
• Any category that shows any form of abuse towards oneself, another player, or an entity. Ex: speedrunning the time until a squad member aborts a mission, because a pre-made squad of three refuses to extract.
• Any category that involves a chat related element to it when the sole objective or majority of the objective is chat related. Ex: speedrunning a sale of an item.
• Any category with the sole purpose of inciting a negative response due to its nature as a speedrun or indirectly via other means such as audio, description, etc. Ex: an overly difficult category called "Painful Category" would be acceptable, whereas a title of "Suicide Category" will not be allowed.

Mobile Defense categories

The auto-scrollers from hell. Very dull and uninteresting.

Mod Restricted, Restricted Loadout, et al. categories

This will never happen on these leaderboards. The purpose of the current categories is to highlight the best attempts of players using the best way possible.

Multiple Triple Capture Eidolons (5x Tridolons) category

Unfortunately, this category is heavily reliant on a finite scale where time is not the variable that is improved over many attempts, but the amount of successful tricaps. Not only do these leaderboards not support ranking based on variables that are not time, but the current ranking target for this category is an "expected" number. Speedrunning is not a sport for "expected" variables in world records.

New Game categories

Categories for players to start with a fresh account are not being considered past Vor's Prize due to the Consistency clause in the post above. The moderators are actively looking for categories to implement without making a new account.


Requesting a new category

Effective immediately, you must satisfy all of these points in order for your request of a new category to be reviewed. Failure to comply will result in longer wait times for your request. If you are looking for a sandbox to test your new category, request it on Warframe Category Extensions. Popular leaderboards from CE have a higher chance to be relocated to the official leaderboards.

Please note, this does not bar discussion of new categories, only direct requests.


• You must provide a proof of concept video. This video must show the entire attempt from start to finish.
• You must provide a solid starting point and stopping point for timing; posting images of the two points if need be. This does not apply if only In-Game Time will be applied to the category.
• You must comply with the standards in the first post and not be one of the categories in the second post in order for your category to be considered valid.

Remember, the Category Extensions has a lower bar of entry for your new category, so if you are having difficulty complying with these requirements, you can always try it there first.