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These guidelines were initially established by Celestics, but were moved to a more relevant thread.

If you are wanting to create new categories or if you wish to challenge existing categories, please follow these guidelines to build a case for it. Afterward, contact one of the leaderboard mods or post in the forums for review.

Originally posted by Celestics
• Consistency: Future changes to the game shouldn't often obsolete runs. In this sense, most categories should be glitchless.
• Accessibility: Any player should be able to get their feet into these runs, and we should help them be able to.
• Popularity: Players should be interested in actually running these categories.
• Sensibility: Categories should just plain make sense from the standpoint of an outsider reading through their descriptions.

Note: We're usually very open to feedback. Building a case with these guidelines in mind only makes it easier for us and usually results in your suggestion being accepted quicker.


Frequently requested categories that were rejected in the past. This post will update sporadically as rejected categories come up.

Mobile Defense categories

The auto-scrollers from hell. Too many people will be tempted to AFK, breaking our 10% rule.

Mod Restricted, Restricted Loadout, et al. categories

This will never happen on these leaderboards. The purpose of the current categories is to highlight the best attempts of players using the best way possible. HOWEVER, TRY OUT OUR BRAND NEW Warframe Category Extensions LEADERBOARD FOR ALL YOUR FUN FILLED ADVENTURES INTO NOT PLAYING NOVA.

Multiple Triple Capture Eidolons (5x Tridolons) category

Unfortunately, this category is heavily reliant on a finite scale where time is not the variable that is improved over many attempts, but the amount of successful tricaps. Not only do these leaderboards not support ranking based on variables that are not time, but the current ranking target for this category is an "expected" number. Speedrunning is not a sport for "expected" variables in world records.

New Game categories

Categories for players to start with a fresh account are not being considered past Vor's Prize due to the Consistency clause in the post above. The moderators are actively looking for categories to implement without making a new account.