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Check it out here:

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@Nusmag created a website that crawls and tracks runs on these leaderboards and ranks them similarly to how the GoldenEye leaderboards function.


What's the difference?

Quite simply, it emphasizes on running more runs and running them at a higher quality to place higher on the "raw" leaderboards. These values are then tallied together and gives an individual a score based on this sum, which is then used to rank them on these new leaderboards. The mathematics used on this new leaderboard is much simpler than on GoldenEye's.

On these leaderboards:
• 1st place awards 100 points
• 2nd place awards 95 points
• 3rd place awards 90 points
• 19th place awards 10 points
• 20th place awards 5 points
• 21st place and over awards 0 points


What are all the different categories to choose from?

Elite is the described system above and defaults to it.
Placement and Runs awards placing higher on more popular categories by giving points based on the number of entries in the category.
Quasars Way is a raw figure given to 1st to 5th place (3 to 0.5).
50%, 33%, 17% split gives raw, split amounts from 10 to 1st to 3rd place (5, 3.3, and 1.7).


Are there going to be more missions added or is this final?


@Thebakertv_ttv, every time a mission is added, it'll be crawled by the website. The only categories not crawled are the Miscellaneous categories (which means I need to get rid of the legacy level leaderboards).


how about you just remove completely since this shit is dead anyway ?

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