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If you are a Warframe boss speedrunner, YOU NEED TO HELP SOLIDIFY THIS LIST. Post a comment below with your suggestions and ideas for others to discuss.

Current Boss List for U18 to be determined, but the following list is up for debate.
The theme for this update: FULLY ACCESSIBLE.

1) Captain Vor
2) Jackal
3) Vay Hek
4) The Sergeant
5) Alad V
6) Sargus Ruk
7) Tyl Regor
😎 Hyena Pack (he's cool like that)
9) Ambulas
10) Lech Kril
11) Kela De Thaym
12) Raptor
13) Captain Vor + Lech Kril
14) [NEW!!!] J3 Golem

These rules are in place to decide the bosses:
(A) The run must be theoretically possible at any point in time, so random encounter bosses are banned.
(B) Update Boss lists are to represent the major bosses of the update, not field bosses.
(C) Bosses must be freely accessible without resource farming.

Reasons for new boss considerations:
[Lephantis] Keylocked.
[J3 Golem] Added in a new quest during U17. As long as the boss fight is replayable, this is easily a candidate.
[Mutalist Alad V] It is possible to access this boss by farming up coordinates through Infested Survival missions. However, this is NOT runner-friendly, and hence is not a part of the list.

In addition, we add these bosses for All Major Bosses
17) Lephantis
18) Mutalist Alad V
19) Phorid

We are changing the category to "All Major Bosses" to omit unpopular field bosses. See . The only rules:
(A) The boss must be somehow accessible. RNG is allowed to dictate this.
(B) The boss must be killable in a solo or coop setting.
(C) The boss is not a field boss.


I am 100% against adding in Mutalist Alad V. It is not convenient to farm the coordinates and it will basically deter any new players from wanting to speed run this game. This is a terrible decision and I do not support it. Now if he no longer requires consumable keys to fight, then he should be added.

J3 Golem should definitely be added.

Concerning bosses 17-24, 17 and 18 can easily be killed via Void Sabotages. 19 is slightly more RNG in how long it takes for him to spawn. 20 shouldn't be included since where he spawns and if he is currently occupying a boss tile is RNG. 21-23 are dumb and require a stupidly low chance to spawn. 24 will be killed while fighting J3 Golem anyways so it really isn't up for debate regardless.

All bosses in a game like Warframe isn't speed run friendly since some of the official "bosses" are based off of a small RNG percentage. I think bosses where their spawn is guaranteed should be included, and they don't require an obnoxious resource.


As someone who wants to start speed running not only do some of these additions make entering feel impossibly daunting, but the fact that there are no categories like "farmless/planetary", "full run" etc. is also VERY restrictive. In the same way that SMB for instance has 100% vs Any% I feel like Farmless vs Full seems not only more than reasonable, but also would make it WAY easier to get into speedrunning this game.


Sounds good, I can agree with most of these points.

For U18 Bosses:
Mutalist Alad V is likely to be removed (I really don't want to add it in either).
Should we make the theme of U18 "keyless bosses"? In this case, we omit Lephantis and Mutalist Alad V.
Discuss. I am totally fine with this change.

For All Bosses:
Sometimes a run does not need to be runner-friendly to be a category. Case in point - YuGiOh Forbidden Memories. The issue with Warframe is that bosses may be constantly added, so how do you dictate which bosses comprise this list? The goal is to avoid being too arbitrary with our choices, especially when the category name implies every possible boss in the game. We can differentiate between FIELD BOSSES and your normal BOSSES, if this is the case. What do you think?


I am perfectly fine with a keyless category as well as a separate all bosses category. I just don't want the only bosses run to include incredibly RNG and farm heavy bosses. That would remove all the fun from the run and honestly I wouldn't run it.


I like this. Now the bosses aren't locked behind key farming and mindless ODDs and ODSs just to be able to do 1 run.


Locked from further posts. Category solidified.