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With the upcoming World Record attempt organized by the Shul this weekend, it came to my attention that there isn't a definitive authority or archive for endurance runs. Due to the nature of these leaderboards, I took it upon myself (without consent from the community) to start record keeping these attempts. Allow me to explain the reasoning behind this and what the expectations are.

tl;dr Someone please make endurance leaderboards somewhere else, so I can stop sifting through who got a legit world record and who didn't.

What is Endurance?
Endurance in Warframe is the process of sustaining an objective for as long as possible, mostly life support in Survivals and an allied Cryopod's health in Defenses. These missions are the most noticeable instances where enemies can scale endlessly in theory provided that the sustaining criteria is met at all times. This is the most popular form of play for veteran players, as it provides a challenge for players with their current loadouts that DE has pushed for in terms of content (example: sorties and trials).

Why is the speedrunning community involved?
People will seldom agree with this, but the commitment to speedrunning and endurances are nearly the same. They are opposite ends of a spectrum, but they are both activities with unique goals that set them apart that people work towards in setting their own records or to gain some sort of prize at the end. The game is very popular for endurance running, especially with the update for bonus rewards on endless fissure missions, so even the speedrunners are familiar with the idea.

Why here?
For as long as I've been playing, there has been no known "endurance leaderboard." The fact that even this speedrunning leaderboard exists is quite the chance in itself and required some hardwork by Celestics. While these endurance records do not suit the nature of this website itself, it is a record that should not be ignored or placed in a volatile, decaying platform such as Reddit or the official forums.

Who allowed you to be the governing body for these runs?
Nobody. We're not here to govern endurance runs. Instead, we are providing a platform for these runs due to a lack of an endurance leaderboard. We can offer guidance and experience for the moderation of these runs, but that is not our goal. If the community allows us to be the governing body for these runs, we will provide the same objective input as we would a speedrun.

Why does there even need to be a definitive authority?
If the community does not want it, it won't be created, but if leaderboards are to exist, somebody has to be making sure people are being honest or else risk loss of faith in those leaderboards.

What is your goal with this?
Provide credit to those that achieved it and to establish a call-to-action for the community to provide some sort of platform to recognize these runs. Once a suitable website has been created and established, all existing data from these boards should be moved over and should be purged on this site. However, that's a problem for that time.


Main thing with endurance runs I would like to see is placing not only on how far you've gone but how long it took for you to get there because its one thing to do 100 waves in 3hrs but doing 100 waves in 1 1/2 hrs is a whole different tier of play that should be recognized because that is the whole key imo its not so much doing it but doing as fast as you can.


and for things like surv. where its time gated its on mobs killed to see who's rank 1. So two people do 12hr runs one gets 20k kills the other gets 17k kills the 20k kills is 1st.


There'll be more opportunities to add speedrunnable endurance tiles in the future. We are currently looking and reviewing Defenses as is (see Test: Defense), but in terms of the Survival suggestion, this is a limitation on the website and is currently not supported (or possibly will ever be supported) here.

There's an Endurance website in the works, but it seems as if development has been pretty much halted, so I'll be looking into alternatives. There's no time schedule for this plan at this moment, so stay tuned!