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Hello everyone,

With the recent questions and interest in this game as a speedrun, both trials, quests, and otherwise, it is necessary that we plan on what categories can be created, with the following goals in mind:

- Consistency: Future changes to the game shouldn't often obsolete runs. In this sense, most categories should be glitchless.
- Accessibility: Any player should be able to get their feet into these runs, and we should help them be able to.
- Popularity: Players should be interested in actually running these categories.
- Sensibility: Categories should just plain make sense from the standpoint of an outsider reading through their descriptions.

If you want to shape the future of Warframe speedrunning, please contact me via Discord PM (Twitter is fine too, but Discord is preferred). We want to make these categories inviting for runners and players, so please discuss your suggestions and ideas!

This thread will be locked and deleted once things are settled. For now, current discussions revolve around:

1) Cinematic Quests as IL's (or separate full game runs)
2) All categories should be glitchless
3) Trial speedrun start and end times should be redefined
4) Mastery Rank 1-30 runs should be full game runs
5) What categories should be representative of this game in the first place.

Thank you for reading this! There's a lot of work to do, so things may be slow for the time being.