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I'm in talks with @--Q--Alchameth about making updates to the Endurance Rules and Guidelines and I find that it's massive enough to entail some form of discussion amongst the related community. If you're curious on why Warframe Speedruns curates the endurance community, please read this thread:

These changes are not live and will require some shaping before implementation. Also, none of these changes apply to speedruns.

Here's a list of the proposed changes. Feel free to provide feedback on them.

Proposed Changes

• All submissions require, at minimum, two screenshots. The first screenshot is from Mission Success and the second is from the weekly leaderboards. There is no exception to this requirement.
• All world record attempts will require, at minimum, video proof of the last 60 minutes of the run. There is no exception to this requirement.
• No different categories/variables will be created between fissure missions and non-fissure missions.

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I think the second rule change should definitely include, every run that is in the top 3. As it feels like that if the second or third place runs are based on only screenshots, it takes away from the integrity of the leaderboards. Also it would look odd, if there is a 10 hour run at 1st place, with a video proof and then second place is 9 hours 58 minutes, without any proof.

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