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Heads up that the following categories are to be subject to complete deletion once MR30 is attainable:

Mastery Ranks 1-10
Mastery Ranks 11-20
Mastery Ranks 21-30

You may discuss the idea of category deletions here. The reason why this is the case is that it is redundant to split categories into chunks if a speedrun is generally about the entire process from start to end. The reason why the main category was split in the first place was to facilitate friendly competition and strategy-making as the game evolved over time, and once MR30 hits, there will be enough discussion over all tests to make having separate categories unnecessary.

Making these categories Miscellaneous only bloats the game's category list on this site; personally, I strongly suggest against going this route.

Questions or concerns? Please post below! We have time, so this will be stickied for quite a while.