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I talked with some people and I believe placing a termination date was built on a frustration during that weekend involving the Endurance category (tl;dr it was alot of off-leaderboard drama). You're right! People should not be rushed to try speedruns, but even this is the case with new content or not.

I removed the termination dates from both this new category and Tridolons. My apologies in advance for my unprofessional demeanor.

Edit: I also added the proposed wave difficulties to gauge where it's at. I'm still lacking any sufficient data, so I'm just gonna wait until someone yells at me that 100 waves is too easy.

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That's nice, thanks.
If I may suggest two more things:
- The subcategories Solo and Co-op should be added together in the same way of the Endurance leaderboard where Solo/Co-op are filter options instead.
- Hydron should be added as well because it's probably the most played defense mission overall.


Solo/Co-op cannot be filtered like that since these categories are on the level leaderboards. If I decide to split this super category, the filters will be split even further, similar to how I am breaking down the Spy megacategory.


Personally think they should just be in the standard section if you can speed run to 100 then that's your record you have rank 1 100 waves but if someone does even 101 waves they pass you because tbh if you aren't doing these as fast as you can figure out to do them then you should be trying to figure it out how to do it faster. As speed is the only thing that really separates even 200 waves of the same mission.As imo speed running endurance runs are the real endgame. There's running a mission then there's doing as fast as you can. Time and waves done are the only thing that matters in defense in general.

As for loading in being part of the time on the fence about it. Only because its limiting hard on group play if everyone doesn't have a SSD its game over no matter how meta your comp is and given there isn't a e-sports league for this is why I'm on the fence tho usually I'm always down for it coming down to hardware but this is a free to play game.