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I was wondering if there will be a spot for interception for speed runs. As it requires you to be able to cap the nodes as fast as possible esp solo, keep all 4 nodes and kill a certain amount of mobs every round to progress to the next. Thus testing your ability to move from point to point, keep mobs CC'd and kill as fast as possible. Giving you three different things that can change your overall time(speed on capping, keeping nodes and killing as fast as possible).

My personal experience in this is 100 rounds solo of Xini.


I'm assuming the metric will be as similar to that located in Defense of 20 rounds, 60 rounds, and 100 rounds?

I was always hesitant to add more and more specific mission speedruns beforehand, but with the release of the in-game timer, it's become easier and easier to actually time these runs with a standard. My personal worry is the possibility of the player AFKing for extended periods of time, but that seems irrelevant for an interception where you have to move around at the start of every round.


Well 100 rounds takes around 7hrs holding four nodes while only losing five total with capping at 9-10% enemy cap % on solo. So if you find that a fair amount of time spent then yeah 20, 60 and 100 is perfect. Personally I've already done 100 rounds solo on xini.

We keep the 10% mark and since the leaderboards take out pause time you can have both posted to show that there was the 10% mark for afk not being overdone. Such as on the leaderboards for my 100 rounds it showed 7hrs 4mins leaderboard time and in the overview it showed 7hrs 40mins.

There is no real afking for long periods as mobs even after you cap are always running to nodes to try and cap. So your afking at most would be spamming CC trying to keep them CC'd and even after you hit the 100% mark if you haven't killed enough mobs you have to kill off the remaining amount. I can give some testing to find around the exact amount needed if you want me to.

I stream full time for a living trying to replace ssi so I got lots of time and any type of theory crafting is life for me. lmk what info you need and I'll get it together as best as possible.


Want to see this section grow with a lot different missions as I'll be posting on here with new ideas on a weekly for different missions as I test around. Trying to bring as much attention to this side of warframe because speed runs and endurance runs are the real endgame imo =D


Also with this there would be one rule no Ivara as she tethers make it so mobs don't spawn. That's a personal request as anyone who use's that imo is exploiting, it has been around forever but making mobs not spawn because your ability counts as a mob spawn imo is an exploting and it takes a whole variable out of the run being honestly the most imporant one


I'll have to look into that Ivara bug at some point. That's an interesting bug.


It really is. I never heard of it until today, and I am frequently on Reddit too.