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I've got a run to submit in the Any% good category but there is no category to place this in 😕

Here is the run


I back this. I would love to see this game expand to more categories, like one for a pre existing save and one for a random seed (if that's even applicable, I haven't looked into how WHF generates worlds)

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I added the category. If you submit your run I will approve it.
Please know your run will be bodied once I find a way to do the checkpoint warp to the last island:

I guess just put your version in the comments or something.
I don't really like running unfinished games because this game will be receiving a new patch almost every 2 weeks.
Either way I guess I will approve runs since I was made mod. Just don't be stupid 🙂

Update: I have managed to beat the game in 3minutes and 6seconds. You can super swim from the starting island to the 4th island then right from the 4th to the final island.
Definitely a sign we should wait for release lol.

Update again again: I made a video on how to beat the entire game without doing anything lol

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Yeah i understand how untill this is a finished game, no run will be considered 'serious'. just something like the any% bad ending the category will be a meme until the patch it. My advice would have two category's. One with any% major skips and the other one a true Any%

Besides, the game's story is going to be expanded upon in the 1.0 release where the release the new lands, so we have about 6 months to get a good no glitches any% run in.

Quick Edit: I'm going to do a run with your 3 minute glitch and call it a day for the meme any% and i'll try and route the proper any% category
Also i would like to point out that, in my submitted glitched run. i was using the updated version of the game.

Edit one more time: When looking through the patch notes i found "Increased damage done by bees - no more stealing honey without a padded suit. " This means that i cannot do the honey glitch by running in and stealing the honey without the suit making the run i did impossible to beat at the start of the game.


I have added Any% No Checkpoint warp for the time being.
I have told the devs about the glitch just because it ruins the game entirely. They said they are working internally on a fix.

As I said before I will accept runs since I was added to this and do appreciate the game.
Just always add your build to the run when you submit it.

When big changes such as fixing the checkpoint warp happen I will just set that category to no longer be the main one.
(Any% no checkpoint warp will go back to the main Any% once it is patched basically. Still leaving the times for included checkpoint warp in misc for archiving reasons.)