You upload one video with full campaign run (which was already been verified btw) as the video for every level run.
I reiterate: The video is there as proof of existence and can be found by using the seekbar. This is especially true for campaign runs since you already know about where it starts. If the campaign run is verified, then you know the level time is in the video and valid. Requiring videos to be cut is unfairly arbitrary to do IMO; it should be encouraged but not required, though I'd make an exception for really long videos. Speedrunning leaderboards should focus on accuracy; an ideal entertainment setup is secondary.

You can view obsolete full-game runs in the profile of runners. For example: I can see your first 35:55 for Sentinels so I know you've ran the campaign at least twice. Individual levels currently doesn't have that functionality they but can still be seen by those determined enough with help from the API. Support for IL history is planned for the site. And if you're into making the game look more popular, it adds the to total run count so people see it sooner when searching games. [I'm very completionist for leaderboards.](/sc1/individual_levels)

I'm currently re-timing the runs by the way, I'll them done in the next few days, hopefully.


For re-timing, I currently set legacy timing as:
• Starts on the frame the cursor is visible (battle control online).
• Stops on the frame the last "MAIN QUEST COMPLETE" appears on screen.
and the new timing as:
• Starts on the frame the loading screen disappears and the game is in view.
• For Prologue 2, Human 9, Undead 8, Orc 8, and Night Elf 7, stops on the first fully black frame after the mission is clearly completed (i.e. when the "Victory!" window should appear).
• For all other missions, stops on the frame the "Victory!" window appears on screen.

I'm running into a minor problem with the last missions of each campaign, they don't display the "Victory!" window. When looking to the other missions, the window appears when the screen is fully black. This could be used to reference real time to game time; the margin-of-error would be, at most, 100ms, which I think is small enough to use.
Undead 8 in particular can't even use the legacy timing. At no point does "MAIN QUEST COMPLETE" appear, so I've set the legacy timing for it to end when the timer in the top right corner hits 00:00:00.

Some runs like Savusukka's mash fast enough for the "Victory!" window to not even appear, but I've noticed the cursor is always visible at the same time it appears (besides the final missions as mentioned above), so that can be used as reference if necessary.

When it comes to making offsets, how would you like to go about making them? I've already made a few references from runners mashing through the start/end and is easily adjustable.


Most of the way done. Only have Creris, eLmaGus, and MicroElf left to go. I'm skipping all unsubmitted YouTube videos from people not on the leaderboards for now.


Done with Reign of Chaos, here's all the times:

A quick slice of it:
Human 1 - 01:33 by RPGodfather
Human 2 - 03:13 by CovertMuffin
Human 3 - 02:40 by Sajiki
Human 4 - 00:58 by Cody360c
Human 5 - 17:16 by Sajiki
Human 6 - 05:55 by Sajiki
Human 7 - 04:30 by Savusukka
Human 8 - 02:48 by Savusukka
Human 9 - 04:54 by CovertMuffin
Also includes runs not submitted I could dig up. Good number for Hard too.

I'll have The Frozen Throne done soon, too.


Can I contact with you via skype or something?


Sure, but I'll give you my account name via Twitch or Discord; rather not have it public.