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I was wondering about speedrunning this category and i would like to know a couple of things.

1. Is the Prologue a part of the run?

2. What program is capable of recording warcraft 3 / compatible with directx?

if the mods could give me some answers i'd be grateful


1. I believe the precedent is set that the Prologue is included in a full game run. SDA includes it in their page:

2. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) should suit you just fine for recording.


1. Yes, Prologue included.
2. You may use any program you want. OBS is open sourse and very easy to set up. I would recommend it.

Sorry for a bit late response. I'm on vacation. Feel free to ask any further questions.


very late reply, but anyways.

I have a problem myself with obs, if it tries to play a cutscene(like the ending of human, or archimonde destroying dalaran) it will crash my game when doing game capture, so that may prove to be very difficult(unless you want to either window or monitor capture)


The cinematics don't work at all for me, it just displays a black screen and shifts all the windows on my desktop around which is incredibly annoying. I fixed this by just moving the video files away from the game folder so they don't play at all, is this acceptable?

Also I'm interested to hear why exactly the prologue campaign is included in the full game category. Isn't the goal of the category to be the "basic" speedrun category of beating the game as fast as possible (usually called any%)? Even if you create a new profile which resets your progress, you can skip the prologue entirely. I don't see any point in forcing runners to do what is essentially an optional tutorial. Even on the SDA page the total run time listed doesn't include prologue.


About prologue - it can be discussed. We can choose which way is more entertaining. As a common thought 'full game' should mean every campaign. But if more people think that prologue is not a part of a game (like tutorial or something) or simply not interesting/meaningful we can abandon it. I like your point that you can skip prologue with new profile, so it looks like optional.

About moving video files away from game folder - it's much more complicated. Usually you must not change any original game files for your advantage. But obviously we need to find some way to capture video for full game run. Modifying game files is the last thing that we should look for. I'll try to find some way to capture full game run within a few days


yea well but then will you say that "full game" run of TFT should include any% of rexxar campaign too?

You can use monitor capture, but that has its problems(if you play on main screen and then the game for some reason minimizes, you could leak information like skype login and stuff like that), so it definitely has its cons.

Yea prologue looks unnecessary in my opinion, its probably not interesting to watch in context of full game run either and its like 5 mins or something, so its not really impacting either


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