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So I just did a run for Blackrock & Roll (Human 2) and I noticed that, after the fact, the peasants have a different starting point (I believe, I did not thoroughly test it). If what I say is actually true, then is there a rule on that you should skip immediately? Or could this just be part of the strategy?


Very interesting trick. First time saw that.
It looks like we gonna switch to IGT for IL runs, so probably will not matter soon. For now I see no prohibition.


If we are indeed switching to IGT, what is going to happen with the old records? Are we going to have to rerun them?

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If video includes the final screen than time will simply be changed to that time. If not I plan to shift it to approximate difference

It's only a dicsussion though. We are not switching right now. But it's a good idea to keep final screen in your runs now to be, you know, prepared for any options.

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I want to point out that there are multiple differences like this, for instance in mission where you kill Kel'thuzad, if you let the cinematic play until the end, you start with 1 building, if that, and its not even constructed, but if you skip the cinematic, the base will be fully made(prolly not really important in this mission, since its a rush, but still)