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When @ROMaster2 came to wc3, a lot of things was changed. Timing rules included.
Since then many new runs was added and wc3 section became probably more active overall, which is a good thing.
But on the other side leaderboards became way more messy with timing differences and especially with some videos which was manually added by @ROMaster2.

In my mind the perfect leaderboard should be as simply&clear as possible with videoproofs "plug'n'play style". You click play and watch chosen exact campaign/mission with exact specified for this run time. I tried to set up leaderboards that way back into the days I was moderating wc3. Hope to see leaderboards better-ordered some day.


Sorry for the mess. The limitations of this site make having a solid permanent solution difficult. I'm working on a large project at the moment which, by extension, will be able to address this problem later with automatic scanning for re-timing. If you'd like more details, DM me on Discord.