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Just a quick couple of questions as a new runner:

1. What was the official decision regarding using in-game/external timers?
2. If external is that standard, is there any premade split timers that auto pause load times?
3. Do the leader boards for single levels allow prep time like mentioned in a earlier thread?


Sure 🙂

1. It's strongly encouraged to use and record an external timer like LiveSplit. It adds some credibility to your submissions. If you're only playing for fun and have trouble getting it to work with your recording software, don't worry about it.
2. Yes and no. I made one some time ago but Blizzard has most likely broken it by now. If you plan on running the game I could try to fix it again.
3. Yes they do. The IL records from campaign runs are just there for completion's sake. They are, by definition, speedrun attempts of the level, just maybe not using the optimal strats for said level.

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ROMaster2, tell me which version of the game the script was written for? In that version it should work right?


I believe it's currently written for 1.29. I've been meaning to update it for a while now but have been stuck with real life obligations and keep forgetting.