would it be possible to make each category as a sub category? Would look way nicer than what it is now.

(for TFT also)


I think Full Game, Prolouge, Human Campaign, Undead Campaign, Orc Campaign, and Elven Campaign should be the head categories with difficulty being a subcategory.

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yeah, for RoC and TFT. it would look way cleaner that way

Edit: also why not use IGT for IL? its way more accurate that way.


I feel like normal difficulty has more activity than hard. So, it seems reasonable to keep only normal categories in top and make hard difficulty for each campaign and full game as a sub category. Than there will be only 6 categories for RoC and 4 for TFT.

About timing:

I was thinking about in-game timer for individual level runs a bunch of times. I think that it would be better in many ways. But we need to figure out what to do with old runs (I don't care about my own, but other runners) and probably supplement rules with something like 'show end game screen' (which have the time) and 'forbid saves'.


thank for answering!

for sub categories it would probably work best to set them as their own, for exemple: Human(subcategories: Normal/Hard)
you can set Normal to be seen by default when opening the board itself.

for timing: i do agree about the IGT for ILs and use RTA for full game, the :'show end game screen' (which have the time) and 'forbid saves'." rules seem appropriate for this case, about the old runs its going to be a bit more complicated tbh.

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