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Hi, I thought today I'd talk about my personal preferences for which version is best to speedrun on your system.

The main versions people use are either:
The Itch.io edition
Steam edition

I'll list some of my personal pros and cons for each version and what I'd recommend.

Itch.io version:
This is a web version of the game posted under Nicky Case's itch.io

- Always up-to-date
- Runs on any OS in a web browser
- No ads
- Cannot be played offline
- Game runs slowly on low-end systems

Steam version:
This is a fan-made port of the game posted on steam available for free.

- Runs well on low-end systems and loads extremely fast
- Can be played offline
- Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X
- The game is on an older version
- Cannot be played on Linux
- Mouse can easily exit the game window during a run

Which Version is right for you?

In my personal opinion, the version best suited for your speedruns should be based on your system, if you have a fast computer with good internet connection, the itch.io version of the game should be for you. If you have a low-end system such as a laptop, downloading the steam version of the game is the best choice for speedruns of this game.

These however are only my personal opinions and aren't true facts for every person, however feel free to post which system runs the best for you in the comments along with your computer specs if you wish to help others with finding the best versions for them.

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I use the Newgrounds version and look at me now lol


i use poki but idk


eu uso o poki