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Perhaps a catagory for each ending and/or all endings?


I second this, any new categories would be welcome and ive been thinking about categories that would and wouldn't work. For example don't wish 100% on anyone not even my worst enemy but something like New Game Max out the Dojo, The various endings, killing off the main characters like Moro, Akagi and JJ across multiple playthroughs as a single run. I also thought that instead of all endings it could be a faster category to do All Ranks/Titles.

Id love to hear more suggestions and see more people running this game!


I've never maxed out the dojo, but i think doing each ending, and all endings would be a good start. 100%? I never did that casually, so I'm indifferent. I don't think I'd ever run that, but each ending seems reasonable to me.


Agreed. I would just drop 100% since i'm doing a casual play through to prep for NG+. It is not that fun especially when it comes to weapon parts i'm trying to get.

If you dont have a 100% save i would recommend working towards a good weapon and maxing out a style if you are doing NG+


On the topic of the Dojo, It can be pretty difficult unless you complete Sensei's story line, she becomes the assistant instructor and takes care of most of the challengers while your out doing side missions and main events. Without sensei.. well you can get in a 2 on 1 situation where one guy has a shotgun! "Fun"


The category I started prepping for last year before I got too busy was the Light of Hope Ending, which is a nice showcase of each faction, plus is sort of the 'true' ending anyway, and (based on my early routing) can be done in less than an hour.

I think a category for each faction individually is also a no-brainer.

Hoping to pick this up again in a month or two after real life gets out of the way...


I'm gonna work on routing the endings aswell , actually i'm working on road to ruins ending. btw the actual any% feels like tutorial% more than any% since escaping after the tutorial didnt mean finishing the game even if it looks like , maybe for the endings run calling it true any% would be a great idea.
If you want we can share research Grogmonkey since you'v been working on light of hope already
best regards !


Can you please create a category because I want to measure the ending as a speedrun, not an escape by boat?

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