Hourglass is a useful tool for TASing (Tool Assisted Speedrun) the game. However, keep in mind that it is still very buggy and crashes often. You need to have a non-Steam 2.0 version of VVVVVV for it to be compatible with Hourglass. (external link)

By Link by kjl3080, Software by Warepire

Nohboard + Simple VVVVVV Layout

An onscreen keyboard display for showing inputs wile recording or streaming. Works best with OBS. The layout file is in the games category and it is called V. Couldn't find this so I reverse engineered the coding and made a layout. (external link)

By Nohboard: ThoNohT Layout: Pokecrafter64




100% Splits

Splits for the 100% catagory (external link)

By kjl3080kjl3080

Any% No Telejumping Splits

As the name says, It's a download link for the speedrunning split; specificaly, the Any% No TJ Route. (external link)

By kjl3080kjl3080