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If I complete a Dreamcast speedrun, could it be added?


Honestly I dont think we need a Dreamcast category, just because this "ported" Volgarr is not an Official version.
If you want to run the game you have to play the "official" version.


Why does it have to be the official version? That's not a rule for speedrunning, and runs can be sorted by platform. Hell, some games even have a popular scene on emulators.

You limit the fun people can have when you start imposing arbitrary rules. Sure I can do DC runs without posting them here, but this is a good website for speedrun leaderboards and it would be nice to use it.

Edit: I see there is a 360 category. The game isn't on 360. You could just change that to Dreamcast.


Hmmm I guess you are right, this game doesn't exist on 360. I dont know if Xbox store work on both platform.

I dont want to restrict your "fun", so feel free to post a run, I never see the complete game on that platform so Im interested to see that.

Just in case, the disclaimer of the dreamcast "version"

"This port of Volgarr the Viking was not created by Crazy Viking Studios, but it was created with their full permission and access to the original source code and assets. This means that Crazy Viking Studios does NOT guarantee the quality of this product, or even that it will work at all. Use at your own risk!"


Thanks! I'm about to get back into running the game after a long break, so hopefully I will have a run to upload soon!