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hey man .. I have been talking to some people who seem to be a bit put off by how the runs are set up. I think we should think about maybe simplifying them a bit ..
Like, calling the runs Lion / Akira / Dural seems to be confusing for people. They dont seem to understand that thats the person you have to beat .. they think its the person you have to use.

Also having so many different runs for each difficulty just seems a little too cluttered and fragmented
making it hard for people to compete with each other.

I am not going to make any changes unless we both agree - I wanted to stress that.

However I think we could improve this perhaps by making it so that all difficulties compete on the same board
and just chop it down to 3 boards:

(Short Run) (Full Run) (100%)

- Short being the Lion run
- Full being the Akira run
- 100% = Dural must be defeated
and a rule states that any difficulty may be used.

We can add a variable similar to the Character variable so the runner can state which difficulty was used incase they want to filter/sort by difficulty.

Give it some thought .. I just want to simplify it so that people arent confused and put off by it.

If we develop a larger community and everyone thinks we should separate or remove some boards then we can take it from there. For now though, I think we should look at stream lining / simplifying it more.


Thanks for the input IcKY. I talked it over with Lolkiu and we're in agreeance. Expect the changes shortly.

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