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Bartelds run took 28 frame after the 47th sec to reach the ending screen so 28*30/100 = 93.3333333
It should be a 47.93 sec run instead of a 47.08 run


Thank you for your concern Cuttyflame you're right, something isn't right wit that run's time,
I'm currently re-watching and timing the top four runs to see if something could have been done incorrectly on the rest of the runs.


I approved without checking. I leave it to you ravetuba.


I confirmed that all runs that were re-timed by me previously were merely 2-3 frames from correct

Though I confirmed that both Cuttyflame's run and Barteld's were incorrectly timed.
The runs are timed using the recordings submitted, split from one frame before you gain control of Velo Kitty to the exact frame the "You Win" screen appears

As per 22/01/2018 the leaderboard is as follows:

1. Ravetuba - 1398 frames - 46s 600ms
2. Pyatters - 1424 frames - 47s 46(6)ms
3. Cuttyflame - 1437 frames - 47 900ms
4. Bartelds - 1439 frames - 47s 96(6)ms

If any doubt, here are the four before-mentioned videos synced:

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i had a frame drop at 24 sec youtube time though, does it change anything?


Well spotted Cuttyflame, apologies from my side for not noticing that,
The image froze for 17 frames, that I accounted for incorrectly.

Your run is then timed at 1420 frames = 47s 33(3)ms
Please be sure your video submission doesn't have any stutters or abnormalities next time.


yeah but to be fair, its not my fault if the game is dropping frame with a 1060 6 gb and 32 ram