Ontario, Canada

What are the rules on doing runs of this game using an emulator?

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Edit: Emulators are allowed. Please check the post below!

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Kanagawa, Japan

Any particular reasoning for no emulation? I going to learn 100% soon. I use original hardware but, I'm just curious about any differences.

Ottawa, ON, Canada

This game has a lot of loading times. I would say having much faster loading could save minutes. On top of that, it is hard to verify. Modifying game speed and other things make it more complicated. I think I am the only active mod at the moment, so making it as simple as possible would be nice.

Currently there are no runs that use it. I practice on emulator and submit on official hardware.

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Hi, it's been 9 months but figured I would update my reply. If you want to do a run on an emulator, I will accept it. I might take more time to review it to check but I imagine the differences shouldn't be too large. Getting more runners in might be a good thing. If this game ever takes off, I might put emulator in it's own category but I don't think it will be an issue at all.

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Ontario, Canada

Thanks for the update, it definitely make the game more accessible to run (for me at least)

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