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hi everyone,

I do want to share some findings and skips that I've learned from my partial runs of the game. I haven't actually put enough time for myself to run any% but I've been doing some research ^^


- a whole data dump on everything VK. Has dungeon maps, item drops, quest walkthroughs, etc. LITERALLY EVERYTHING. However everything is in japanese so some translations you have to make up to make sense. link here

- names with 1 OR 9 characters will give you 10 BP to start with the beginning character/ for each character that you make from the guild. so a character with the name "A" will get the same 10 BP with a name of "AAAAAAAAA".

- ppsspp forum link that has some cheat codes that could be useful for experimenting in the game. link here

- tmoney76's spell list, just to see what each spell does. link here

- a nicely-formatted walkthrough by Didi Cardoso. Although old, will help some players with the first few quests that are needed for the speed run link here

- big dump of info on a neogaf forum regarding the game, haven't taken time to read much but it's here for easy access! link here

- some vk portrait art if you're interested, thanks to rpgamer 🙂 link here


These two videos are some glitches that I found. Both were performed on PPSSPP ver. 1.4.2 but I'm certain that it should work on the PSP system as well. Yes, I play on EMU with a controller. 😉

Wall glitch found in the Old Prison. I actually found this by accident as I was doing a run. I had to pause at the right time, then crouch so that the wall didn't kick me out at the end.

Could be useful on the past portion of the game to easily pass mobs but not as impactful in the beginning of the game. Tested with "Halfings" and anyone with the the "Thief" class.

Room is from the main entrance > take a left > go into door > bend around the corner.

Wall glitch found in Wenekra Fort - Corridor. Origin of the glitch was found in 2007, wanted to upload for future reference. Here's the link to the post:

EXTREMELY useful on the beginning of the game and the past portion of the game, it will allow you to get to Wenekra Fort - Inside without encountering the Dark Cyclops mini-boss which does spend a bit of time. Downside is that you have to do this glitch every time or else the encounter goes off, but the glitch isn't so hard to pull off, as you can see in the vid.

Tested with everyone, though the Female Dwarf was giving me a bit of trouble so not too sure about her. Anyone with the the "Thief" class will make this a lot easier.

I can't wait to do a run LUL 🙂

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UPDATE 12/4/17 2:58 PM PST

- Cursor will always start on the "Load Temp Save" every time you restart the game. when you click load temp save, the option of deleting the temp save is always default on "yes". Very nice to just button mash x in the beginning screen, just make sure to temp save before you continue the run.

- Main menu (first triangle click) you have to use directional pad up and down to navigate. In all other menus you are free to use the left and right on the directional pad to "skip" 6 lines (aka "menuing"). Here's an example for item tab menuing:

1. Aid Flask ====>> (jumps from item 1 to item 7)
2. Aid Flask
3. Aid Flask
4. Aid Flask
5. Aid Flask
6. Aid Flask
7. Charge Flask <<====

In the example above, you click the right directional button once to skip all the way to #7. It's way faster then holding the down directional button. AFAIK This works with but not limited to items tab, magic tab, equip tab, shop, in-battle magic and item tab.

- Each time you die, no matter what part of the game that you're at, the innkeeper will always take HALF of your gold. Not as important in the earlier levels when you dont have a lot, but can hurt in the late game.

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UPDATE 12/5/17 11:49 PM PST || Some more research

- Hitokiri_Tidus's Guide link here is also a great guide to look at, again very old but still relevant (made in 2007). Specifically I found this update quoted from the guide is very interesting:

"4/25/07: Killer9495 from the GameFAQs forums notes that the last monster you
kill will determine what drop you obtain. Therefore, if you want a Higher Job
Class card, you'll need to make sure the monster that holds it is the last you
I have yet to confirm this myself, but it seems like a legitimate claim
so I have put it here."

This could mean that certain items can only be obtained by a certain monster. I'm hypothesizing that if, let's say, you want a paralyze book, you would want to fight a gas cloud formation, then keep a paralyze gas cloud to kill off at the end. I'll test it someday.

- Thieves run faster than any other job class on the map and outrun the majority of the monsters 🙂

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12/29/17 10:56 AM PST || Attempted a few segments, a couple unrecorded full runs with a lot of timer pausing. Here's what I learned.

- This game is long but it's been cut down by a few hours BlessRNG

- Present A (start of the game) and Past (with Ratsul), I skipped the Wenekra Fort - Corridor portal, I barely used it so I omitted it from my runs entirely.

- I grinded enough with the basic classes (Fighter, Mage, Priest, Thief) and didn't need to find any job cards with my runs. For my damage-dealing characters I usually switched between Fighter, Thief, and Mage. I found that Mages are able to equip knifes, which clears a lot faster than a Priest with a Staff. Magic characters were switching between all the basic classes, simply because the class change does not alter their purpose of (mainly) healing your party. I grinded with 2 characters.

- There were two grinding groups that I experimented with, one with physical attacks and one healing, and both physical attacks with healing. I found that two characters that have healing ability and both damaging the monsters are a very quick way to get experience, but the characters that are magic users are very weak so I stuck with the safe way with one healing and the other tanking the damage.

- My main grinding place was the portal room of Wicked Forest. There's a ring of orcs and beetles that spawn very close to each other pretty frequently. They are also easy to beat, easy to chain the bow special move, and very effective in getting exp.

- Weapons with an AoE (area of effect) bravery moves are very good in damaging more enemies. The most effective ones that I've used were mainly the bow (Heaven's Cry) and duel-wielded One-Handed Swords (Brave Heart). They also replenish your bravery based on how many monsters you damage. This allows you to recast your bravery move again!

- As mentioned by Phantom Baphomet on Youtube, Blind and Paralyze are VERY effective, crucial for the runs that I've done. Book of Blindness can be obtained from the Gas Cloud formation. Book of Paralysis can be found from the Rat formations in Wenekra Fort - Corridor, but it seems to be a rare drop rate, so I've went with the book of Blindness. As for their effectiveness, I found them most useful on the mini bosses in Present A Machine Bosses (Mechs, Tank and Chopper, Big laser guy), Past Dark Lord Boss (that big gas giant thing), and the Present B Elf Party (pain in the butt, blind those archers ASAP (took me a couple tries)). I suspect that they could be useful for the Samurai Boss and Ratsul Boss fight but my main character didn't have blind for him to use.

- Other than finding the Blindness/Paralyze spell and monster formations/attacks, there doesn't seem to be that much RNG in the game! PogChamp

- The Past portion of the game is pretty much running through all the dungeons. You actually don't need to fight any monsters or open any portals, main objective is to get to the Dark Lord again. I opened the necessary levers to open doors only and fled every battle. This is because you're running with a full 6-party squad and your exp gain is not worth it.

- There is no real need for AoE spells for the run, but does help clearing monsters and solo party (if you want).

- Along with the blinding spell, Rebirth potions are very useful for the Present B Elf Party fight, as casting the Rebirth spell takes too long. They are a bit expensive (10,000 G) but at that point of the game you should have enough G for 2-4.

- In the Past, Eon (the Female Elf Knight) has Platinum armor, which is only usable for the Knight class. Grinding for that job is too much, so I just sold them. They go for a lot of G. 😊


Unfortunately I did not have time over the winter break to record my run, the forum is getting very unorganized so I will eventually make a document that has all these notes in order and possibly a walkthrough. VaultBoy



I'm currently doing some tests on the "gas cloud hall", which is in Wenekera Fortress - Inside.

There are 4 gas cloud spawns. Looking for ways to manipulate blindness book drops.


So one thing on one of your old posts, you were unsure which mob determines the drop. The mob that is showing on the map is the one that determines the drop, not the last mob killed. gear from the present goes to the past and gear from the past goes to the present a good way to get some better equips on your party. that ogre formation you talked about in present B also has a ~3-5% chance to drop the bullova which is the highest dmg single handed weapon in the game. Ive also thought of making a machine because you get a free launcher and bullets and the launchers dmg is so high at base that the machines stats don't matter and if you can get the elf archers blinded the machine launcher special attack is a full battle aoe nuke. I've been looking into other things too like the paralysis gas book that drops from the spiders in the room with the switches to open the door in wenekera past. and the chaos zone book in the holy manalum could maybe make the elf fight easier.

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Since recruiting from the guild takes up 500G compounded (per member, regardless of race), you could buy a machine at only 1000G if you play it right! I don't exactly know the damage values of the launchers, but if you're short of cash that equipment could be sold for a lot.

Lotta stuff to play with. Still looking into item manipulation, if that even exist.


launchers are bows with about triple damage, the biggest issue ive found with them are 1) machines are way too late and 2) the only good non rng launcher you get theres only 1 battle left and youll most likely have base launcher ammo. but if you could find a way to do item drop manipulation then a machine would easily cut the hardest fight in the game out (elves)

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