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The rules say that “time starts on first movement”. On the Switch port of Uurnlimited, the loading screen (which takes somewhat longer) contains a minigame where you can collect points that transfer into currency once the game starts. This occurs before first moving your character, but it can still affect the run with a head start of a few units of currency.

The minigame itself is completely optional and its small benefit can be avoided with no input. But since it’s there, should engaging with the loading screen minigame qualify as “first movement”? It’d be easy to detect. Should it be disallowed, or should it, or the Switch port entirely, be put into a separate category?

Of course, Switch would have to be added as a platform for this game on here first. Also, I apologize if the minigame was in fact already present in older versions, I only own the Switch port.


Hi dohz, that's a good question and a pretty unusual situation! My take on it is as follows:

- Firstly, I added switch as a platform, which should have been done some time ago.
- It seems like the only way to have consistency between platforms is to start timing after the minigame. My assumption is that the benefits of the minigame are fairly unimportant, but I'd like your advice here - are there any new strategies which are only possible on the switch version?

The other, and more important, issue here is that I don't actually run this game (I only have power because I'm a series mod). If Rainbow_Lemon is inactive on the site, I don't want to be in the position of verifying runs I don't fully understand. So, would you like to be added as a moderator?


Thanks for the reply. I don’t believe the Switch version offers any new, unique strategies, and your assumption is correct in that the minigame bonus is too minor and easily eclipsed by other methods to be very relevant. So for the sake of platform consistency, it likely wouldn’t be an issue to disallow engaging with the minigame.

I myself am not very experienced with the role, but I’m open to the responsibility. You can add me as a mod.


Ah, sorry, I forgot that I can't add moderators for this game... I'd recommend using this thread to get added: